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The Painting Industry: prepped & primed for a paradigm shift

The Paint America revolution is on!

We bought DFW Painting !

Consider what Uber did for personal transportation and what CarMax did to modernize the used car industry... We started by buying DFW Painting, serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. DFW Painting's highly advanced integrated software, exclusive paint crew model, partner generation and online paint crew models are fueling a nationwide expansion into the future of the painting industry!

Technologically advanced 14-year-old Dallas/Fort Worth based painting company combining four industry innovations to expand nationwide!

  • Cutting-edge integrated software
  • A referral based sales model that ratchets up sales 
  • A tiered exclusive paint crew business model 
  • A unique and effective Uber-like online paint crew model    

These advances achieve far-reaching improvements from the traditional painting company model:


•  Overhead and paint costs are greatly reduced 

•  The tiered exclusive and online paint crews are highly incentivized to perform at their highest level

•  Customer satisfaction is greatly increased 

•  An industry-wide bottleneck due to shortages of crew availability is opened 

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